9 July 2010


Keep on moving so you don't fall off, right? That's the only way we have been living through this week, one step at a time, with a lot of making-allowances-for and a lot of love (and oh, friends, how much your love has meant to me).

Beautiful baby, in love with life, and so normal and happy. Just covered in eczema again, in her own way taking on our stresses too.

Creating, solace. Mandalas in watercolour and masking fluid. Yarnie madness taking over the house and garden.

Good, whole, wonderful food. To share. To nourish. To sustain.

Community, helping the simplest of practical daily routines go smoothly and providing much needed comfort (and distraction)!


  1. I just have been catching up. I am sorry things are so hard. You are in my thoughts and I am so glad you have people around you to help.

  2. Oh dear, had no idea things had got to this point. I'm so sorry. Try to hold onto the fact that everything is always cast up into thr air with the loss of a parent. People need time to think and may just reject everything whcih was previously normal, due to the pain of the loss and grieving. Keep the communication open. Don't assign blame. It's entirely possible to come through this. Hang on in there. As you say, life's practicalities have to go on, no matter if your heart is breaking, and sometimes those practicalities can be our saviour, though we may be cursing them. Hold on to them and use them as a lifeline to pull you out of the pit. We're thinking of you all.

  3. Beautiful photos.

    Blessings and love.

  4. I think Liz's words say it all!!
    Beautiful photo's of a gorgeous family xxx

  5. Lovely pictures, take care of yourselves x

  6. You are a real trooper for carrying on and providing stability, much love and nourishment for you and the little ones. Really wished I lived nearer so I could offer a shoulder to cry on and tea in medicinal quantities, instead please make do with my love and prayers for you all.
    Big hugs
    San and all xxxxx


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