28 August 2010

Sweet sweet corn

No, not mine (yet) but some purchased fresh from the farm shop in its own natural green fully-compostable packaging! Mmmmm...Baby Roo approves.

I'm even more excited for mine to be ripe now!

(In other news, my washing machine has imploded, and with the backlog of the de-flea-ing operation we've been forced to buy a new one with our rent money. I spent all morning in tears, but what good does that do? I am baking, knitting, and rising above it all - what else, frankly, can a mama do? Giving up and giving in to the depression would hurt my babies. And so, once more into the fray. Fuelled by sweetcorn, though, which helps doesn't it?)


  1. Oh no!

    Will you be able to replace the rent money ok?

    Drat Rye is repeating over and over, "I want juice" sigh. Better go befor ehe drops the glass waterbottle on the floor.

    If you are strapped, darling, give us a shout ok - do not let worry over the rent etc sink you into depression. And I mean it, if you need help, call me. Afterall, it's what friends do :-)

  2. I'm *feeling* very strapped, especially since next week's money (which won't even cover all of what we've taken out of the rent) was going to go on clothes for me. *sigh* But the council are very patient, thankfully, I just wish I had been more organised and had some savings put by rather than it always going as soon as it comes it.

    Buying ethically vs putting by money for disasters... Right now I feel like we have ended up with the worst ethical options by trying to get everything right... I feel like my priorities are always the wrong ones and everything ends in disaster... But all of this is the depression talking, and logic goes out of the window because it's easier to blame myself.

    Thankyou, thankyou, for the kind offer and the love and support.

  3. We have a Christian charity near us called The Olive Branch and they put faith in action. Do you have anything similar near you, where you could get financial support with no strings attached?

    I cannot do much but let me know if I can help in some small way, thinking of you and praying.
    San x

  4. **smile** My philosophy in life is to try and not worry about things that can't be changed... what is, is.

    It is a waste of emotional energy that be better employed elsewhere. Perhaps in future the family can try and put aside a bit of money for a rainy day - but at the end of the day.. living now, is, in my opinion, far more important than worrying about a rainy day ;-)

    ((hugs)) Be kind to yourself mama, life is for living, not regretting.

  5. sorry to hear things are tight hun. Is there anything you need for the girls that some of us out in cyber land could help with? You are such a lovely warm family I hate thinking of you being down atm. Money issues are never fun. Sending you tonnes of cyber hugs

  6. Bless you all, no we'll be fine, somehow it always works out OK. The main thing that is making me feel poor is that I can't go buy clothes next week, but I have one pair of jeans and a lot of tops lol, so I'll be fine. I hate unexpected expenses!


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