19 August 2010

Wednesday Washday and Sling Meet

Well Wednesday is supposed to be dedicated to laundry and Montessori activities around here (goes well with the pegging out of washing etc, right?) but after enough clearing and washing to be able to see my kitchen floor, I decided that enough was enough and set off, determined to finally make a sling meet. As it turned out, we got rained on a LOT, so I would only have ended up frustratedly resorting to the dryer if I'd stayed home and finished. Happy little bit of justification... :)

Those of you who have not been to my house will look at this picture and say, "hmm, that floor needs a good cleaning". Anyone who HAS been to my house will say, "WOW! Where on earth has all the laundry gone?!" The thing is, that's where my washing usually lives. It is a kind of laziness (the kitchen is the first room off the garden, and contains the washing machine and dryer) but also a kind of motivational self-blackmail (if the clean washing goes in front of the freezer, I HAVE to move it eventually or I won't be able to cook anything).Sling meet was lovely. Mostly for the friends we met up with, but also for ice lollies, park, picnic, and sling love. :) Rowan took herself off on a little walk on her own, and sat in the middle of the field under a tree. A little dot of red in a sea of green. When I finally went to fetch her, she was sitting just picking up leaves and putting them down again, totally immersed in the experience. I almost didn't disturb her, but I missed her so much after nearly half an hour!
This tree has a spider's web in the middle branches - you'll have to zoom in to see it - but it was just sparkling with the collected raindrops and the bright sun through the leaves... Magical! It had been really hot, so when it started to rain so hard the concrete paths were giving off an eerie mist.

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  1. I see it! The spiders web! ....and it is magical ;-)


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