26 August 2010

Foodie Thursday: Garden Love

My apple tree is still producing tons of apples. It's hard to reach them all, and I think the tree may need a little pruning later in the year to stop it becoming a nuisance to next door in the near future, but still. Apples, my own apples! With those, and foraged berries, and the glut of still-green tomatoes, I will be preserving a lot this season.

Courgettes and green tomatoes in my basket.This courgette plant is amazing, it has been heavily slugged and still it goes on producing at least one courgette a week.Sweetcorn! This is our first successful year with this stuff (two varieties and both doing well) and I am so so happy with it. I have been trimming the "silks" to ward off weevily things, and releasing any straying ladybirds nearby just in case (all our other crops and flowers are standing up for themselves quite well this year). If only I could persuade root vegetables to fatten up, I would be a good step towards vegetable sufficiency in spite of my very small very messy outdoor space. :)

Painted stones, staple of childhood and of family garden art.And a wicker planter full of beautiful and useful flowers for eating, drying, remedies... :)We certainly do seem to be heading into Autumn already!


  1. Ohhhh, your garden is looking very productive, indeed :-)


  2. I'm so jealous! Our garden is pretty much bare save for weeds & trees planted last year. So, not much growing there, but I have plans. Oh yes!


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