16 August 2010


I call her "baby", as an endearment, every day. But oh she is hardly that any more!She is a funny, quirky, lively toddler. Little round belly, skinny bottom, sturdy little legs. HILARIOUS pout when things don't go her way (and a frown that gets blacker and blacker when I can't help but laugh, sweep her up, and kiss her at such times). Curls at the back. Long eyelashes. Chatter that starts the moment her blue eyes open in the morning (and doesn't always stop at night either, another sleep-talker)! And, oh, the cheekiest smile!

The new hoover (debated over but purchased anyway, in despair at ever otherwise having clean floors - or ever having clean floors in either case really) came in a large box which Roo adopted right away. Ah the things that bring them SUCH joy...

The new thing, though, is that talking. Even whole phrases, "where Nenna go?" (or sometimes "where Agan go?") and "where is it?" being the most common. Ba, Bo, Bu, are bag, box, and book respectively. And she signs too, odd words but mostly body language and little made up signs for the in-between bits. Like; gesture gesture POINT "bu", gesture prod "mi mi meep". Translation, pick me up, read this book, give me milk. (Shake head, frown, point, prod, "MI MI MEEP": no, not that side, this one mother!)

The conversations around here, at least with this one very tiny person, are almost always about milk and books. She brings me the same few back over and over, many times a day. Well, I'm not complaining.Rowan's favorite books:
Book of Sleep - Il Sung Na
Goodnight Moon - Margarent Wise Brown
I'll See You in the Morning - Mike Jolley
Listen Listen - Phillis Gershator


  1. You cant beat a box for playing in. My son has spent the last couple of weeks playing in a box.

    Sarah x

  2. I share your joy of a growing toddler with a funny pout and cheeky grin, such a lovely post xx

  3. Roo's speech sounds similar to Esther's. "Ma ma Mi" is asking milk. "Doel" = Joel. She says three words to the effect of want that one but I can't think how, some thing like "wa dat wa". This week she's started saying "Daddy" instead of "Da da". And also / finally both of my children like Something Special / Mr Tumble. Esther's started saying " Ba ba" / "da da Bumble", very cute. Esther signs please, thank you and Mr Tumble!!! I think they grow and change so quickly but they are so cute and lovely!! :-)

    Helen. x

  4. it's lovely that you call your baby baby... im still calling my 15 year old baby all the time. im not sure i can carry on much longer. i certainly spent a few minutes crying on sunday night about her turning 15 on monday! it is scary how very quickly they grow up. luckily we as a family are very close.. just me and my 2 baby girls... i want to spend as much time as possible with them before they flutter their wings.


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