4 August 2010

Fragmented Days

This over at Mummy's Learning Too really resonated when I read it a couple of weeks ago. I had just started feeling more Waldorf-y than usual, and written us a new weekly plan, and when we got back from Bournemouth off we went putting it into practice. I'm certain it is only because it isn't substantially different to what we were doing before, but this time it seems to be sticking a bit better.

I am, by philosophy, an unschooler. I am, by that strange emotional pull I get around the handmade and natural and simple, a Waldorf mama. I am, by nature, a disorganised lover of lists. So, writing a timetable that says "do as you please" and colouring it in in pretty rainbow colours (Lyra Ferby Waldorf selection no less) is a perfect fit. And saying to myself; Wednesday, Wash-day, Montessori activities and housework... This makes me happy. OK, it's a silly thing to make me happy, perhaps, but it does. So there. :P

Anyhow, what have we been actually doing in the last few days (apart from admiring our planner some more, and pretty much the everyday stuff that I'm not so much photographing right now for unknown and unanalysed reasons) - yup, sorry folks, no pictures of our home made bread or season table or walks or story times or endless drawings by the girls! But here is some more extra-ordinary/ordinary stuff...

More spinning - my hand dye - this is getting more slubby as I go on, I was doing a pretty reliable aran weight to begin with! It doesn't help that I am getting more pint-sized help as I go on, of course.Morgan has new shoes! Her lovely red ones were pinching a little, and yes, of COURSE she has increased in width but not length. Anyhow, she went and picked my very favorite pair in the whole place, and very cute (and smart!) they are too.Toddler trousers in progress... I TOLD you they were quirky! Can I just say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. Bright and lovely and detailed and ever-so-slightly zany (though with apologies to those with no girl to sew for, as there are sadly only a couple of very boyish patterns in there).Oh OK, so a couple of little play pictures!More sewing... (Upcycled shrunken adult tshirt, which I loved FAR too much to get rid of.)And some knitting progress. Followed by so much progress I am knitting up a baby hat a day. Seriously. There is something wrong with my brain. No off switch, for starters. I actually came downstairs at stupid o'clock one morning because I couldn't stop thinking about knitting.
Oh, and for a change, a shot of knitting AND cake. Raspberry muffins which were soo nice but sadly HALF of them tasted too much of baking powder. It was a bit of a Russian Roulette til they were finished up. The good ones were really very good, anyhow.Sleepy baby.Crochet-y baby.Oh, OK, so the selection isn't that earth-shattering! It was still me behind the lens after all...
Arty project, the wet tissue paper thing, of course. Rather fun, and nice results.

Not photographed, the ridiculous amounts of dance we have been watching (via SkyArts and also Youtube) - Jenna has discovered Matthew Bourne, Christopher Bruce, Richard Alston, et al. I am in mummy heaven (you know, the kind where your rapidly growing-up child discovers a personal pet interest or hobby of yours, and doesn't even look at you funny when you rave about it or *anything*). Less art-student-cool she has discovered Riverdance and all its siblings, and I am seeing a LOT of Micheal Flatley. Well, there are worse things in the world.


  1. How funny I blogged about the Waldorf chart on our home school site last week!! It keeps us sane and gives me time to knit and sew during afternoon quiet time!!

  2. Haha! Can't stop thinking about knitting? Me neither... Welcome to my world. Now if only I didn't work 12 hour days!

  3. Love the trousers! Is that a patch or two of Ikea material I see there? I have some just like it, waiting to be made into a bag!
    And the dyeing wool that you do is brilliant. I've not ventured into that yet. Maybe next year when I've made all my baskets, sewn the bags and used up all the sock wool in my stash! lol Crafting is so good for the soul.

  4. Love love love your projects! The funky trousers and rainbow dress, and the rainbow hat. I've just made one of those similar for Crunchy Nut Mama's little boy - in Petrol blue with a rainbow stripe and rainbow sc line around the edges. :) May have to make ezrsa one too, it looked pretty cute.
    Also, how can I get hold of Morgan's shoes? They're lovely. :) I'd like some for myself tbh, but faioling that Phoebe would do! ;) x

  5. Aw thankyou!

    Carolyn: yes, some ikea fabric there. :)

    Laura: the little shoes are in fact Clarks I'm afraid! I do have a similar pair though (not Clarks)!


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