28 March 2011

Paint me a Rainbow

It's early starts for me recently: Rowan is sleeping slighly longer nights but is perky and chatty before 5am. So, before 8am we were breakfasted and dressed, the breakfast pots washed, the kitchen cleaned, and this is what was on my stove...
dye days 045
Here I am in the garden at silly o'clock hanging out skeins of newly washed hand-dyed yarn... Yup, red hair again. :)
dye days 039
And this is the evidence of a) how early it was and b) how cold it was!
dye days 043
Playing shop occupied all three girls for a while, especially making price labels for everything. Leanne, look! Christmas presents! Thankyou so much. :)
dye days 046
dye days 042
dye days 048
The sun showed up for us eventually, smiling down on my washing line hung with slate blue, earthy brown, rosey blush, jade green, rich rust, and many shades besides. Dye days are made for sunny days, when everything dries so co-operatively in the open air and my kitchen doesn't drip with sheepy smells!
dye days 053
Someone was pretty determined to come "help"...
dye days 049
dye days 052
Here's Jenna's Koolaid tunic. I know, it doesn't look much like a tunic yet, but there ya go. The children were meant to be enthralled by how the yarn sucked up the colour and left a clear dye-bath. They couldn't have cared less, in fact, but they did like poking the bowls with spoons a bit.
dye days 051
Ah well, the results are cute and I can't wait to start making the dress she requested! It will be fabulousness. :)
dye days 047
I'm personally of the opinion that it's impossible to have too many rainbows, though. :)


  1. Beautiful colours, lovely pictures and gorgeous hair :-D

  2. Gorgeous, all of it, and especially you! <3

  3. I feel exhausted just reading all that! You have been busy, and such wonderful results. Yes, and here's to no wet sheepy smells inside!!

  4. Thanykouu all. :) Happy happy!

    Ashleigh just got some amazing pictures of it all out there in the dark!

  5. Oh yes, beautiful photos and very gorgeous hair indeed :)

  6. How interesting. Dying your own yarn must be loads of fun, and very busying work. Definitely sounds like a fun family activity. All the yarn came out beautifully as well.

  7. It's great fun, and we've always had a lot of great results.

    I don't like the children near the powdered acid dyes til they're mixed and it's a lot of work with hot things, but I'd say from about three years old they can help with natural dyes and koolaid, and even use the acid dyes if they are just hand-painting, choosing colours, helping rinse things... Small rubber gloves fit well enough! :)

  8. Love the new cut and colour!

    Rainbow wools look pretty good too1!

    San x

  9. What a magical, misty morning mood~ I can smell it! Love the hair, with your eyes, it's gorgeous! and the rainbows. beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh dear, another laptop is gonna bite the dust if I dont stop slobbering all over it! LOL.

    Beautiful, beautiful yarn. And thank you, thank you. I was rather puzzled as to what the parcel could be and went to collect today to discover yummy yarn :-) I think I'm going to frog the pjs I was making Rye and do a crazy jumper instead - I should have enough with the 2 balls you've sent me, and the two I've already got, plus that glowly bright yellow you did for me too :-)

  11. Love all that beautifully coloured yarn on the line.


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