27 March 2010


A Thursday trip to the park with Naomi and family. :)How blessed I feel to have been brought up by a mother who believed that there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. It was grey for the first hour or so, but beautifully grey - and blustery too. But we don't care!
Rowan loves the swings so much she can't stop laughing the whole time, Yes, that is my daughter jumping on the seesaw. Health and safety be damned, it looked like fun!Games and craziness and noise positively encouraged. Rules like, "if you let go, you will fall" and "if you throw that sand at another person, you will have to play OUT of the sandpit." No cages, no desks, just the sky and the wind and the sun and the rain, grass and worms, sand and mud.


  1. I have to thank you for this--I have tried really hard to not give silly rules and teach Ingrid how to do things safely rather than not do it at all. She is a confident toddler that is able to do a lot more than some of her friends because of this! Every time my mom is here she says "be careful" every two seconds and it DRIVES ME NUTS!! So thank you for teaching me how to be that way :)

    It looks like a fun park, and I am so excited to see daffodils around here too!

  2. "Health and Safety be damned" - must remember that one lol.

    Glad to see you back - we missed you x

  3. The title and pictures say it all!
    San xx


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