11 March 2010

More Woodland Walks

Adventuring and roaming and generally getting muddy up to our chins last week. I can never understand why these woods are so empty and quiet, it's incredible - this housing estate is FULL of families with young children. One part of the path comes close to a row of manicured gardens with play sets in, yet we have almost never seen young children walking in the woods.
My mum wearing the baby, because my ankle still hurts a fair bit of the time and the baby was getting heavy (it wouldn't even occur to me to ask, but one of the many things that makes my mum amazing is that she doesn't wait to be asked, she is a mind-reader extraordinaire and a babywearing grandma to boot).

Losing my children in the bushes, as they make fairy houses and climb things and find strange and wonderful fungus, and hush me so that they can hear the woodpeckers.Beautiful pixie girl!Oh I cannot WAIT until the bluebells come up, and fill this place with their heady perfume and bright glorious sea of purple. They are shooting up all over the place already, tight green points promising a show in months to come.
Muddy puddles for playing in (and falling over in - see Jenna's trousers in some of these pictures), and a magic pool to throw big sticks into (and pull them out again dripping stagnant water everywhere).
Tall bare branches, steady and strong sheltering trees. And the sky, so blue.


  1. Wonderful pics and Charlie and I wondered if there might be bog babies in that magic pond :)
    sue xx

  2. Jenna says, "not that time - maybe when the bluebells are out!" :D

  3. You are really blessed to have this on your doorstep!

  4. aw great pics! I keep meaning to take the camera along to our woods and always forget. I know what you mean about never seeing any other children there though, its such a shame! Roll on the nice weather though as whenever we camp their are always lots of other children running round the woods or paddling in streams etc! Just where they should be imo!

  5. It's two busses away from us, but on my mum's doorstep. :) We used to walk there when I was little too, full of memories. The girls are so at home there... It is one of our favorite places.

  6. We went for a nature walk here in New Zealand and there was no one there but us, so even in New Zealand it happens lol, although I have to say there are normally people there, this is the first time we didn't see anyone and was suprised. Good on Grandma for been a carrying the baby, I so miss having my now 5 year old in his sling. I will be checking back and hope to see a photo of the bluebells when they emerge, we just left England in December and would have loved to see the bluebells.
    Love your blog!!!
    New Zeland


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