15 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

I don't "do" Mother's Day, at least I don't plan to. Jenna, however, was having none of it. She was insistent. And so, I celebrated. I was surprised by breakfast in bed, daddy-made croissants and cups of hot tea.Morgan came and snuggled in for milk, which caused a bit of a tussle. The baby climbed over me and actually tried to take the breast out of her sister's mouth! She was relieved to soon find that she could always have the other side, and peace was restored.Presents and cards lovingly child-made without my knowledge.
And flowers.We had lunch at Chris and Em's house after Church, and I cooked. Then we did evening Church with my mum and she got her present (the rainbow scarf in the previous post) and the children got a huge fuss made of them as they always do at the International Church!


  1. How funny that Rowan was jealous of Morgan nursing! Happy Mother's Day UK style! I'll wish you another one when it comes around here in a couple months :)

  2. LMAO, oh that is so funny. Bless Rowan, hehehe.

  3. She has noticed before and found it funny, occasionally tried to pull Morgan off... But she saw what Morgan was doing and was incensed, it was hilarious - she actually took the breast out of her mouth and was shouting at her in a real "don't you dare" baby babble!

  4. I love the pic of the two of them vying for the boobie milk, it is totally priceless!!
    Smiles San xx

  5. Lucky you having a hubby that can make croissants!! Looks like you had a wonderful day xx

  6. He didn't have to make them from scratch - we get freshly frozen locally made pastry from our local farm shop (and no nasties) - so I agree, I am very lucky!

    Life is going by pretty blissfully at the moment lol.


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