9 March 2010

This lovely baby...

...and oh she is barely a baby any more, and was barely a baby for five minutes altogether. Such a loveable ball of fun, so ready with kisses and cuddles and cheeky grins. So full of surprises, little thoughtful serious eyes taking in everything. Little heart, open to the world.She eats more than either of the others put together! A baby who likes her food!This week she has taken her first step, cut her first tooth, and is on the cusp of... well, of everything. And it is only short weeks until her first birthday!I love this tiny toddler. I love the way she pats my chest and lays her head down on my arm to tell me just how she loves her sweet milk. I love how she laughs at everything we do, and saves those special smiles for sisterly craziness. I love that moment when she realises she is standing without holding on, and isn't quite sure it's a good idea. During a crazy hour yesterday when the girls were all playing, Rowan took a step away from the table without really intending to - then someone roared behind her and she sat down suddenly in surprise!Some days, when I look at them in just a certain light, it breaks my heart - and makes me more proud and contented and filled-to-the-brim than I could ever have imagined. They truly are mine and yet not mine, from the moment they are born until that distant day when they live their lives away from mine. Don't hurry just yet my precious daughters. The world is calling you away already, but there is time, time for everything you can imagine and more!

Precious baby, stay awhile...


  1. Oh how sweet! They just do everything so quickly and grow so fast, don't they?

  2. She's beautiful :) And you reminded me (deliberately I'm sure) of one of my favourite things: They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

  3. Oh my, hasn't she grown. I can't believe she's nearly a year old already.


  4. Beautiful post. Beautiful Rowan. It is hard to believe she will soon be celebrating one, such a privilage to have followed this blog and seen many of her little changes as she has grown.

  5. I have spend such a lovely time reading your blog today.
    It has made me smile, and touched my heart.
    You have two beautiful little girls there.
    But you knew that :)


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