2 March 2010

Away Weekend

Refreshing, chaotic, and wonderful. So many adventures!Beautiful hand-knits from Ashleigh. :)
In the exciting random shops on Ashleigh's road we got our Easter presents (Ostheimer animals and some wonderful books from Playful Toys, and baby wash from Born) and, because buying only secrets and surprises was soo hard, a story book for now as well (1001 Nights, a version of which I have wanted for years!). And gold and silver Stockmar block crayons (yay). At some point I will have to send Ashleigh in for coloured felting wool, as we are longing to start making spring decorations now that the sun is finally re-appearing!Breakfast time girlies.Baby mayhem at Ashleigh's house!Knitting - of course.View over the toll bridge on our way into Wales.Enjoying Cat and Leanne's living room, play of all kinds...On the train!Cardiff Castle.Group picture outside the castle.The inside of the house was just amazing, we were all in awe! The girls especially loved the library, where there were sweet little monkeys carved into all of the woodwork.Inevitable tourist shot of the largest Welsh love spoon in the world...On our way back to the train for our ride home in the dark, we wandered into a wonderful herbal/natural food/holistic shop and bought dead sea salts and balm for the baby's skin, and managed not to take home half of the shop.

Bedtime stories, warm and cozy.A cold day on the beach, searching for fossils and trying not to fall into rockpools (the children stayed dry, but Leanne got a soaking!) followed by hot drinks and lunch in the little cafe there. Beautiful blustery sea-breezes. I miss the sea, as infrequently as I get to visit it, it feels like home to me.More crochet, a freeform capelet for Morgan. :)Impromptu sling workshop!This is where we retrieved the baby from, about a hundred times a day. She just LOVED the stairs! Shame she never did work out getting back down again.After our last sleep om Leanne and Cat's floor (and some late night board games) we went home. We were meant to be back for lunch time to get the baby to a hospital appointment in the afternoon, but instead we spent two hours stuck in traffic outside Birmingham. Jenna got very carsick, poor pickle!


  1. Hey, welcome home :-)

    Looks like you had an amazing time :-)

    Hehehe, I remember that bridge into Wales too; by the time I crossed it, (high winds at the time, and driving an espace with a large roof box on was very hairy), I was a jibbering mess and had stop because I was shaking so much. (Not good with heights).

    Wished I'd gone to the see the Castle, it looks wonderful :-)

  2. Am soooo glad you had a great time! Shame about the car sickness though, Sara one of our big girls used to suffer dreadfully, we never went anywhere without a lidded box and wet wipes!!!
    The pictures really cheered me, we've had an odd few days at this end!
    san xxx

  3. So busy! So many photos, just letting the pics do the talking. Tis truely wonderful, and was so lovely having you all here with me, even if it was for just a short time. It was special for me, and so lovely to have my quiet little flat filled with so much noise, laughter and company to sit and craft with. Thanks. Can't wait to do it again soon.xxx

  4. So glad you've had a lovely time. It's good to get away sometimes. xx

  5. So pleased you all had a lovely time away, and fitted in so much fun for all the family.
    Great selection of pictures.

  6. Brilliant pictures that sum up the fun very well. I only wish you could have stayed longer, and that your poor babies could have travelled home by train instead of car. Cat was pretty worried that they would n't like being on the train for that long, but they seemed to love it. We can't wait to do it again, and hopefully be free of dog poo next time. Cat's terrified that I may have caught something and passed it on to our kitten, but I'm pretty confident I haven't.

  7. Poor funny Cat (hugs) - not from dog poop you won't, tell him he can worry about cat poo! I wish we'd gone home by train too lol.

  8. I really love the photo halfway down with all the grey cobbles on the beach :)


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