24 February 2010

Another Assortment

Well, we're still here. Baby bean is getting better, still pretty fragile (and helpless - when she gets fed up she sits and squeaks to be rescued, where before she would have just come to find me!). Her eczema is much worse, irritated (we think) by the antibiotics we are still syringing into her every four hours.We are playing outside more as the days seem that bit brighter. I have been discharged from the fracture clinic - though I still regularly twist it slightly and remember how fragile I am, too. Every now and again though, I get a proper smile, and thank God we're all still here, still together, still in one piece.
We went to a friend's wedding. And the churchyard was full of snowdrops.
We are reading the Story of the Root Children often, and the Season Table has touches of green and yellow here and there in collected leaves and catkins.

My hands are still full of wool, often. Jenna asked if she could have her own hook, and on our way home (with a sturdy little size 10 in the bag) she skipped and sang. She told me, "When we get home I'm going to crochet and nurse my baby at the same time - just like my mummy." She is making chains, and I am making - well - everything.This weekend we are going away for a bit. To Bristol and Wales, seeing friends, and to escape just a little. But tonight - games night and baked potatoes. And Emma and Connor sleeping over on our floor! :)


  1. Aw, I want to come to games night, and see everyone! Give Ems and Connor a cuddle from me! BTW, if you want to do games here, bring your own, I can stretch to cards and that's about it. Alternatively, we can just sit and craft! lol! :)

  2. Hope you have a nice time away, you all could do with some recuperation (sp?).
    Glad to hear Rowan is improving slowly too - poor thing, must be awful for her at the moment, although at least she can still smile through it all. xxx

  3. So glad to see you are all healing, and finding time for lots of smiles too.

    Much love
    Gina x

  4. So very relieved Rowan is doing better; although her poor skin :-(

    Love the crochet :-)

    Enjoy yourself visiting friends hon - after the time you've had of late you definitely deserve the break :-)

    ((hugs)) to everyone.


  5. Have been praying for you all, I had posted a comment on your last post but it must've got lost in cyber space:-( Poor Rowan her skin just looks so sore. Really hope you all have a time of refreshment and re- energizing on your mini break, goodness knows you deserve it.
    Love and cyber hugs San xxx

  6. Glad your little bean feeling a little happier, Hemp oil is really good for excema or sore skin, or if you have an aloe vera plant the sap is supposed to be very soothing too.

    LOVE that pic of Morgan ...how fab.

    have a fun trip xx

  7. So glad to hear you are all healing - and sending recovery wishes to you. Really hope Rowan's skin improves. (I'm sure Noah's eczema was triggered in part by IV antibs he had as a tiny bub.)
    LOVE the crochet! xx

  8. It's excellent to hear that you and Rowan are getting better, but her skin does look very itchy. I hope you had a fun night last night, and I must say I am a bit envious that I couldn't be there.
    It will be lovely to see you all soon, but preferably no more broken ankles or other bones this time please! xx

  9. Enjoy your time away and your games and best wishes and a speedy recovery to Rowan


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