10 February 2010

Assorted scenes

Crochet is good for eating, too, apparently.Another fairy land, and two days of play around this scene again before it is dismantled and put away."Spiderman up in the sky climbing a building with his webs," by Jenna.Freeform lace... Beautiful colours!Sweet potato casserole is good, but not good enough to keep a tired baby awake.Butterfly wax rubbing picture by Jenna.Nursing at the keyboard, precious sleepy crazy.Home made beeswax fire lighters for a late night visit to Chris, Emma and Connor.Watercolour winter.Lucky Fish mobiles for Chinese New Year."Good Fortune" to all. Bright blessings, friends, and thank you for all your support in so many ways.


  1. If you keep showing such lovely baby pictures, you're going to make me very broody again...

  2. :P I don't care if I make you broody, missus!


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