3 February 2010

Little bits of colour

Ah you know how it is. Some days are better, some are worse. Baby isn't sleeping and her skin is worse, all down to the stress I think. I'm feeling pretty *blank*. Crafting like crazy, and trying to relax into those rare moments of easy peaceful "normal". And of course, the camera is broken so you'll just have to make do with little glimpses of things that were worth photographing at 8.30am before the thing went on the blink.

In spite of everything...When Jenna brings Rowan some small dolls and a bark house, and they spend half an hour just putting the dolls in and out of it, grinning away at each other with Rowan babbling contentedly...

When we can share a story and a cuddle, and I can forget EVERYTHING else...When I pass something from my hands to theirs and say, "here, I made this for you" and they look at me with frank awe and love raw in their eyes...

When things just seem to go to plan, without there ever really being a plan...When we laugh, simply laugh - like yesterday at losing our boots in the mud up round Shipley park, and later as they all wait in the area outside the visitor centre dripping chocolate ice-creams and splashing in the puddles as I dash back in for a map book...When Jenna pores through my wool basket stroking everything and telling me about all the beautiful things she will make "one day"...

When Morgan comes and strokes my face gently, and eases herself down into my arms with that funny little expectant open mouth, and when I don't take the hint says pointedly, "Mumma milk is mine FAVORITE"...

When healing, in its many and various guises, touches that which aches so badly...Ack, sometimes, I can believe it will all be OK.


  1. It will be what you make it.


  2. Love those hearts, and Jenna is looking so grown!

  3. The hearts are so beautiful. Sorry to hear that Rowan is suffering, I know you've been making your own salve, but have you tried Bach Rescue Cream? It worked wonders when I had horrendous eczema with Pip's pregnancy.
    Well done for finding joy and hanging on in there!
    Hugs San xx

  4. Loving you sweet Mama, offering Hope to you all.
    Is there anything else we can do / give ... you want to come stay here for afew days ?
    anything darling, just say.


  5. Hugs... Know that you're not alone in all of this. Praying for you all.

  6. I chuckled at Morgan's "hint". No matter how bad you feel your children will always make you smile. Sending prayers and thoughts for you all. Clair xx

  7. How's the foot now? Is it up to walking to our house yet? :)

  8. It certainly is lol, but we have to find money from somewhere for car tax and insurance this month... We'll see how we are after those are paid. :S But Martin did have a job interview, so we have to make it soon if he's going to start being inconveniently busy during the week!


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