13 February 2010


Today started early.It involved crocheting rattles, scarves, flowers - and food. (Make one tonight and have your own crochet fortune cookie for Chinese New Year tomorrow!)It included home made donuts...Naked babies...And a lot of fresh air...And some bits of green too (oh how we love those bits of green).There were cuddles...And plenty of art...And the promise of just another tomorrow, just as ordinary, and just as good.


  1. Afriend bought Grace some of those beeswax crayon blocks - they are fab, aren't they! Grace quite likes them, but I can't keep my hands off them!

    Sinful's Wife

  2. Love the Nakey Baby!

    We are celebrating the Chinese New Year tomorrow as well!

  3. We even took the crayon tin with us to hospital (by accident, it was in the change bag from our drawing session out of doors last week) and Rowan spent a happy half hour when awake yesterday making little lines on a big sheet of white paper. :)


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