10 February 2010

Library Day pictures

Monday is always story time at the library, even now that Jenna is a little old for their demographic, off we go anyway. It is the most reliable marker in our week. We can't always carry a bag full of books home, but rare is the week we escape without something. This week I was adamant I wasn't going to carry a huge heavy bag, so we ended up buying posters instead *sigh*. They're rather nice ones. One with native trees, one of the solar system, and a couple for when Jenna is a bit older too (including a very good periodic table, which I always wanted for myself lol).

This week Emma and Connor came too, and we mums sat and crocheted at the table in the children's area. Then we headed off to the Natural History Museum and the art gallery housed in the same building as the library. We are very lucky in Derby! I often put off trips to the museum, as if we go every week they just run around without looking at anything and I turn into control-freak mummy. Now we're not supposed to take pictures in there, but I ignored the polite notice just this once and snapped a couple.Upstairs there was an incredible art installation by a local sculptor, Laura Ellen Bacon and oh I so want this in my garden. I've come across her work before, in the grounds of a National Trust property, and just found it breathtaking. Gorgeous curving forms, light and shade, very tactile! I'm rather inspired.


  1. I love Laura's work too - one of her pieces was up an old Oak tree at a gardens we visit regularly down here in Hampshire. Very Inspiring.

  2. that looks like a great day! We've been cooped up in the snow and I long to get out and go somewhere :)

  3. We are so blessed to have so much nearby. We are just close enough to town that we're on major bus routes, and the library and museum are right in the centre. :) It's a great place to spend a cold day!

  4. ooh that art installation looks wonderful, i think a visit may be in order!


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