1 February 2010

Ever feel like...

...you're just *acting* at being one of the grown-ups?

I love to play, to be free in their world, to conspire with them, to eat cake instead of dinner and to create at LEAST as much mess as they do. I love to let myself stop worrying about this and that, and just go with the moment. I love to hold back from insisting that something needs to be put away *now* and join the game instead.

And I love to find notes from my friends hidden in my house long after they have left. Eric the sheep made it into our New Year Plans. I don't know when, but Sam, you crazy, thankyou for your gift of a smile.An affirmation that I can be a grown-up later. There is more than enough time for joy in the now.


  1. Hehe! And what a gorgeous pic of you and the Baby! So lovely and full of joy!

    Now where have I seen than cardi before... ;) Not sure if I remember seeing her in it before. It makes knitting so rewarding and worthwhile to see my things so loved! :) Would I be allowed to knick it and use it on my project page on Ravelry? Tis so gorgeous (the pic that is, I'm not boasting about my work! lol!)

  2. It was such a nice picture I took several more of her in her lovely cardigan precisely so that I could send them to you. *grins*

  3. :-) Lovely photos.. just before the little 'un was picked up we were singing songs and I was marching like the Old Grand Duke of York and doing lots of daft actions.. when I realised there was a group of people outside the window watching and grinning at me...

    Soooooooooooooo embarassed!

  4. Listen to your heart and be.

  5. *grins back with a contented smile*

  6. I've just made it over for the first time in ooh ages - you remember life with a newborn :) Just a quicky to say I am sorry things are dark for you just now, and thinking about you. And ravelry *is* dangerous: you need to learn to knit! (I'm boogeek on there, add me as a friend so I can see your projects!)

  7. Ah yes, I remember that feeling lol - lovely to "see" you again (does stalking you on FB count?)!

    I am kind of an all-or-nothing person so have gone from zero to obsessed in a week pretty much. I will have to wean myself off yarn eventually, but it's so exciting having projects again. And crafting = surviving for me. It's better than anti-depressants.

  8. Why be a mother if you can't be a child as well? You shouldn't have to act like you're an adult, though I appreciate that sometimes it's difficult not to feel that you have to.
    Big hugs from us. (((({{}}))))


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