5 February 2010

More play pictures

Yup, new camera (for which I am employing the tried and tested financial theory also known as keeping-my-eyes-closed-and-dealing-with-it-later).

Fairyland as built by Jenna and Morgan. At the moment Jenna would really rather create scenes like this alone. Morgan, of course, is magnetically attracted. So far the rule is that the game has room for sisters unless they can easily be distracted by mama. It isn't easy on her recently, this insistence that we *can* all play together. She stomped today, and cried, and then with a little impish grin said, "oh Morgan, if you don't go away I will tickle you!" And ten seconds later they were playing happily side by side and creating wonderful stories.Later Jenna did get to play alone, as Morgan wanted to cook a fairy feast.Meanwhile (and for the two hours they all piled out to the Dad's group) I worked on old projects and new.Rowan's cardigan is nearly done already!The play today, right out of some Steiner textbook, went on until bedtime was announced. And they even tidied up without a murmur...


  1. :-) I love the faery scene :-)

    And hey hey, that cardy is coming along lovely :-)

  2. Beautiful faery scene. I can imagine the faeries liked it too.

  3. Beautiful scene - and fab camera - the colours are wonderfully sharp!

    Sinful's Wife


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