8 February 2010

Book Sharing - The Odd Egg

Yes, we love Emily Gravett. Subtle but familiar, even the grown ups will smile at the ending. Duck is sad that he doesn't have an egg, until he finds one...This is my favorite illustration. Duck is knitting in some of the early pictures, and I love LOVE that his "baby" is now wearing the handknits. The word above them, the camera didn't pick up well, is "mama"! :)Morgan has this book ten times in a row if she can get away with it. When the egg hatches, that's her favorite page. She walks around all day reciting, "creak, crack, SNAP!" Love this pre-schooler. Love her loving this book.


  1. One of very few new books in my house, and a fast favorite from the moment it came in to the house. I had book tokens to spend a few months ago!

    I love finding that perfect, archetypal story, in just the right light-touch gentle style to outlive all the other versions. This is that book. (Like Monkey Puzzle vs all other "are you my mummy" books, or Dear Zoo vs all other "suggest a silly or inappropriate pet" books...)

  2. I think I like the look of that book! I'm just cooking eggs now, to make some egg and sweetcorn mayonnaise stuff for when I wanta quick sandwich.

  3. WE have this book too, given to us for Rye's naming, and I gave a friend the same book for her twin's naming :-)

    I love the illustrations, so beautiful.

  4. We have read that one,its lovely! she has one about dogs too although I havent seen it on the library lorry yet.Only just catching up as my lifes been upside down lately lol!,I dont know if you ever read my blog but I have a new one now wth private viewing only,if you want to join then just email me,address on my old blog,uerh does that make sense lol
    Your smalls must be made of steel its so blooming cold here that we try to go to the shower with clothes on!
    It was the last day of the shooting season the other day & I over heard one chap gasp at the man who was striding round in close to 1deg temperatures in open fields,in a cotton shirt,the rest wrapped in wool,tweed,scarves etc, ah thats A came the reply, oh is he a strong local chap they queried?gibbering & shivering...yes, he works at blahblahblah which is a deep freeze storage place LOL! hes used to working in minus22deg!!!!!
    So yes you lot must be hardy with short sleeves & bare babies brrrr, I am going to need surgically removing from my red lambswool sweater when spring comes! :o)
    GTM x x x x

  5. They are very hardy lol, but it helps that we live in a tiny terrace sandwiched between folks who have the heating on and no insulation. ;)

    We only wear coats in deepest winter, must be something in the genes as I don't feel the cold unless it's biting!


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