9 February 2010

On considering a spot of trespass....

I feel rather aggrieved. On many little wild patches around our neighbourhood, plants have reclaimed car parking and gravel in favour of exuberant joy. Brambles, grasses, perfect orange, red and yellow wild poppies, ragwort (that persistent child-unfriendly yellow in my own garden), buddleia in at least four different shades of pink and purple, baby trees of so many kinds, LIFE.

One particular spot is a little sacred space to me. It has high green metal fences all about it, and I've dreamed since we moved here of taking down the fence and letting the green spill over. It's on our way to the park too, the "dog park" - a manicured little patch of grass which the council liberally spray with weedkiller, leaving cruel brown scars around the bases of the noble trees. My favorite corner of the wild place is the very nearest point to the park, where a huge rosemary bush seems to be growing exactly *in* the fence. Half one side, half the other, deep green fragrant spikes pointing straight at the sky, a determined little meter high woody herb. I can't pass it without touching those leaves.

Today there is a big yellow digger on my patch. It has started at the far side, and is taking up everything, leveling the plot for God only knows what insane reasons. When I saw it a fist formed involuntarily. I'm not sure, on top of everything else, if I can take this. If the digger clocks off soon and leaves half of the patch untouched, I may just be heading over there tonight with a spade to try to liberate my friend...


  1. I'm all for liberating the Rosemary - go for it! Guerilla gardening in reverse ;)
    How sad that they look like they are going to dig the space up.

  2. Go for it hon.

    And you know sugar and fuel tanks aren't a good combo. I'm just saying.

  3. Do it Sarah, I'l be with you in sprit :)
    I could cry sometimes about what 'councils' or companies do to OUR environment!
    blessings, sue xx

  4. Go for it! Why don't you ask the men doing the digging if they would let you in to lift it? That's what my dad did once, when the garden of an abandoned house was being dug up, and a tiny baby oak tree was in the way


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