7 February 2010

And life goes on

Finished crochet, the baby's birthday cardi and Martin's hat (of course Jenna has borrowed it, as she borrows everything else!).Sisters playing together. The baby having a large play silk flapped over her head, oh how they love to follow the joy of baby giggles. Building dens, dressing up, and spreading the toys all over every inch of the floor.Another visit from Chris, Emma and Connor. Companionable silences, as we crochet and read, separate and together.And always, new work on the hooks.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh that cardy is lovely :-)

  2. I love the hat, how have you learnt to make so much already?!

    I also love the photo of Emma and Connor, spending the day just *being* with a friend is so nourishing isn't it.

    Thank you too , for our lovely parcel. It made us all smile, filled with such perfect goodies:)

    Love Gina x

  3. That cardi is so lovely. I really can't believe you only just learned how to do that!

  4. It seems it was a skill my hands were just ready to learn, it just took me being off my feet for a couple of weeks lol.

    Gina, you're quite welcome, I hope the clothes still fit it took me so long to send that one!


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