31 January 2010

More Days

Days and days like these, ordinary and unique. Oh how I love to spend my days with these...Puzzles, reading, making, creating, lots of things to do as always. And plenty of time to be - just take our time, be in the same space, feel around the edges of our problems and *be*.Gifts from my mum, of incense and fairy dust. Smiles all round. And glitter, glitter all round too of course. She also pinched the new books, but we can wait and her school children will no doubt benefit too!Crochet lichen/flowers for the freeform project, which I intend to eventually be a play scene for my littles.Baby asleep face down besides me as I work. Tiny dry eczema-covered back, soothed by mama-made calendula and chamomile infusion and loose cotton clothes or bare to the kiss of fresh air.Drawing by Jenna, for Chris.Winter season table, like all of us, with space for Spring, any time about now would be fine by me.


  1. Beautiful photos :)
    Stay strong, you are an inspiration...
    Love Gina x

  2. Awww, lovely everyday life. Just existing and co-existing, having others enrich your life, it's ordinary, yet special, all at the same time and it's always so important to be reminded of that!

    And yay for freeform, I think I maybe more excited than you are to see the final work! :) The girls will always be able to love and treasure it that little bit more. I'm sure they're loving helping you pick out colours and textures and making it a collaboration! Love to the littles. xxx

  3. Love the photos and can't wait to see what the freeform project looks like when finished :-)

    Hang in there lass, much love to you all.

    Joxy & Rye :-)

  4. Did Handmade Home arrive with you yet? Just checking as I posted it a while back..

    Gina xxx

  5. Sorry love, meant to let you know - it arrived the same time as all of these but got missed from pictures somehow! Thankyou. :)

  6. You have a beautiful Season Table - Candlemas tomorrow - hopefully all that lovely bright candlelight will usher in spring and happy times....

    Sinful's Wife

  7. P.s - *Love* Rowan's stripy top! It seems to get harder and harder to get fab clothes like that at a good price as they get bigger! Grace has just grown out of the gorgeous orange & yellow leggings you sent us - would they fit Rowan - would you like them back...? It would seem very selfish to hold on to them just in case of another sometime...


  8. Angie, keep them sweetie, we have two pairs similar and I knew you'd get good use of them. :) The red and orange with purple cuffs is a fab romper suit from TKMaxx, we got it one week when Morgan was two years old and had a little accident, it was the only suitable thing we could find to take her home in. So I'm hoping it fits Rowan just as long!

    I find I have to hunt through supermarket rails more often than I like, but also shop *years* ahead in charity shops. Boy things are so much more simple aren't they?

    By the way, Leanne, if you're reading this, Jenna has just decided this week that she doesn't like pink any more!!

  9. Love TKMaxx for cheap Scandinavian clothes! :) And we absolutely love the leggings - I am trying to persuade myself that halfway up the leg is a *good* look, to make them last a little bit longer! :) I too have a large bag on the top of the wardrobe of fab clothes which won't be worn for years yet....just hoping she likes them when we finally get to them!


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