28 January 2010

Picture essays on surviving, and creating

Baby running off with my yarn. This is one of her favorite games, along with shaking her head at people, emptying my baskets on the back of the sofa, trying to eat the phone, and splashing in the bath (I swear she is a mermaid).Play.A little baby scarf to keep her neck warm in the sling. Oh how I long to be back babywearing properly again, and oh how wonderful to see my babies in more mama-mades.More play.
Some eating of falafal, salad, and stuffed vine leaves (thanks Emma!) - and Rowan loves everything we set before her.Beanie hat for a bean.Hand-dying with turmeric and beetroot. It was such a gorgeous orange, but is more yellow after washing. More beetroot next time. Yeah, I can't stand in the kitchen for long enough to cook a MEAL... But wool...?My first attempt at walking without the crutches more than a few yards produced these. Watercolours. Beeswax. Charity shop pinafore. Trousers for a friend's baby. Wool (um, I'll show you in a minute).Ugly fringed cardigan, with scissors taken to it, becomes wonderful warm purple lightly-felted coat. For £4.Hat for husband, not quite working out at the moment but hopefully can be saved from frogging.A happy portrait with me baby (and can you see the opal - my birthday present finally arrived)!Sweet unschooling Morgan, teaching me.Wool, in the corners of my life, holding me together when the thinking is too much weight to bear.


  1. awww lovely photos - Rowan is knitting, silly, not running away...... just like my Thom does ;) xx

  2. Hehe, I'm love love loving the baby scarf, tis too cute! And the colours are so pretty together! I like the "new" necklace (your birthday is in November, that's crazy that you're only just getting it!) I'm liking the starts of your stash, such lovely natural, neutral colours. Will have to get you come crzy brightness at some point! :)

    I'm glad to see that you are managing to find some joy and happiness in the small things of everyday happiness. I hope this continues and that you have many hours of crocheting resources for when times are harder and you need that little bit of distraction. Love ya and thinking and praying for you.

  3. Lovely wool :-)) I'm liking the wool dying.
    The colours of the baby scarf are gorgeous too :-)

    Have you looked at the monkey hat and blanket in the stitch and bitch book... gawd awful; but I think in colours that actually compliment it would be really lovely :-)

  4. Am soooo impressed with your creations , maybe i should give crochet a go?!

    Charlotte xx

  5. Ah, Ravelry rocks!!! I'm woollywanderer on that site!! Your crafting is way cute! Thinking of you and offering prayers.
    Hugs San x


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