15 January 2010

Reducing screen time...

...does wonders for having things to blog about. ;) Only reduces the ability (and desire in fact) to blog about them.

Making, baking, playing tents, dressing up, cleaning, having friends round to play, puzzles, reading, building, more baking (mmm challah - and more biscuits), friends round for tea (different friends, all welcome!), mandala cards, space ships and geography lessons, word games and felting.

Today has, in fact, been pretty perfect. May tomorrow be just as full of calm, work, laughter, and love.

Off to board games' night now!


  1. I wish we were neighbors so we could hang out. We seem to have similar days :)

  2. Ohhhh I wish I could have a boards game night too! Particularly if said board games included Scrabble. :-)

    Mmm, wonder if I could start up a games night here?

  3. Thanks for the prayers and candle. Glad you've had a better day.
    San xx

  4. Sounds wonderful, wish I could have been there for all the tasty baking and the wonderful games night. We will definitely have to try have one when I'm next around. BTW, my parents have now booked their tickets, and will be away over Easter. So I think I will prob still come to Derby for a change of scenery, so maybe we can have a games night at mine. (My dad KNEW immediately about the last time I had you guys all round, and actually told me off for not doing it more!)

  5. Haha OK, at least we didn't make such a mess they never want us over again! :) Looking forward to Easter, though a bit scared that Rowan will be 1yo the next week...


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