5 January 2010

Around my home today

The season table, bare as midwinter, ready for those first touches of green to bring it into spring life.Jesse Tree, finished on the back of the living room door, full of stories and love, reminding us that Christmas is not yet quite past.Our happy and sad thoughts from last year hanging beneath the tree, with envelopes for our hopes and plans for this year. Morgan and I finished these yesterday and already we have been moving cards into their new envelope. :)More manic cleaning, the result of new year impetus to bring change. The window sill and toy storage making the windows themselves suddenly seem very dirty!Inspiration wire teeming. Projects and plans and little reminders of joy and fellowship.The corner of my window displaying it's new message. (Thanks for this go to Gina - and it is already making a difference.)Lastly, a big bright sign in the middle of our living space. Our aims to communicate better, our hopes for fresh starts - often needed - and renewed focus.


  1. You've inspired me to finish sorting and cleaning and to finally write out those affirmations, especially the above all be kind one!
    May you continue to have a blessed day!
    San and all xx

  2. I love these photos, (I think Amelia has started a little revolution with her 'Above all be kind' sign!)
    Gina xx

  3. :-) Lovely photos. Yep I plan to finish cleaning the kitchen tonight... and my lounge windows NEED a good scrub too.

    Love the signs and notes too :-)


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