19 January 2010

Good news from yesterday

Quick update: I'm allowed a removable cast, and when I get my referral to physio I can start trying to put weight on it! The small bone they are no longer *quite* sure is broken they are leaving alone, and I have regained just enough mobility to convince the doctor that the ligaments will survive and prosper (as it were).


The cast is for a month, it is really light, and then I will be able to walk! I am going to keep telling myself this - I need to grasp on to that positive today.


  1. Any little good news is great! Hope it feels better really soon, but don't over do it :) Let your body heal!

  2. Fantastic! A month will fly by I'm sure - and you will be out and about in no time.

    Sinful's Wife

  3. Great news. I'll send off some comfrey cream too then. xx

  4. Jacqui, you are too kind (if there is such a thing). The comfrey and candle arrived this morning and I am so grateful. Bless you.

  5. a month, that's not too bad. Good that you're
    getting some movement back in the ligaments :-)



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