5 January 2010

Another quiet day...

The girls finally got around to the puzzles from Christmas. I have decided I really like these - pretty tricky! All the creatures have to match on every edge, and no clues as to which are side pieces. I'm not sure yet if there is only one possible solution, but the underwater one kept Jenna occupied for about half an hour.We needed to refill wash liquid AGAIN (well, we are catching up with the washing!) and where we parked we found lovely great drifts of fresh snow. All the way there, Jenna had been complaining about the lack of proper snowball snow at home, and saying she really wanted to stop and play in the fields because some places in Derby seem to have had plenty! When the car park turned out to be a snowball fight waiting to happen, the girls were delighted.Morgan cried all the way home that her hands were cold, of course. Poor mite!

And what is a tiny supposed to do, when the tall people in the house are so intent on sorting stacks of lovely clean washing? After the second pile got pulled down and thoroughly sucked, she was relocated to the highchair with a piece of banana cake. Much tastier than laundry and mail.


  1. A ha but now there is plenty of snowball snow.....I do believe in snow days ..i do believe in snow days ........

  2. Love the snow pics! OUr washing pile is like that at the moment too. What are the puzzles by the way, they look good, think they could go on Tom's birthday wishlist!!

  3. Oh Alice, they were £1 each from Save the Children. I'll go see if they still have them in. :)

    Charlotte - I know! Isn't it wonderful this morning! I'm so delighted. Martin says next time we need snow we should just go and find some, that way it seems the world gets the hint lol.

  4. I think I may just need to test out those puzzles...


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