28 January 2010

These days

The physio department are shocked and delighted with how fast the foot is healing - though they keep reminding me what an "acute" injury it was, I think they can tell I might overdo it if they give me the slightest license.

The children are healthy and whole. Emotionally, they are bound to be caught up in our adult hardships though. Morgan keeps bursting into tears over everything, and Jenna is an angry little girl right now. But she knows that something is going on, and that's all only to be expected. We're both trying to be there for them all, just be there, as always that is about all that can be done (and perhaps all that ought to be done).

Baby bean slept without nappies the last two nights, and slept over five hours in one go, and this morning I had that wonderful early morning fog of feeling a naked snuggling baby and pulling her close with the duvet around her shoulders to hold her out of the bed - and hearing the longest pee onto the towel I placed there for that very purpose. EC has been going, well, it hasn't been going really I guess as I haven't been able to carry her, or keep her in arms overmuch now she's mobile. And then sometimes, it just makes sense, and I breathe, and the moment is *right*.

Oh, and said Baby is climbing. And talking. If you count "ca" for cat, "gaga" for grandma, "mama" for when she's sad, and "ah!" for hot.

Ravelry is dangerous. I will say no more. Except that I kicked everyone's butts at Catan last night (competetive, moi?) whilst crocheting Sam an improvised lace-ish hat, which is REALLY PRETTY and gives me an excuse to try to go get some more 100% merino.

My marriage is... struggling... That's as far as I'm willing to go. It's a dark place to be, but there is as always hope. And light, and love, and moments of simplicity and peace which I am trying to hold lightly and find comfort in.

Pictures to follow, of happy every day things. When I force myself to shut down the little window in the corner of my screen marked "Ravelry: arwentiw's Projects"...


  1. The moments of darkness are awful, but they make the light so much brighter. I'm glad your foot is healing and that you are able to live in the day, hugs and prayers Clair xx

  2. Hugs for you all Sarah.
    For all we seem the happy family here we had our dark time once long ago but we struggled on through to the other side. And it was hard, hard work. Sometimes giving up seemed the easier choice, sometimes the pain was unbearable, sometimes we needed the pain to focus at the other one, but we survived, and rebuilt.Stay strong Sarah. If you need anything.......and I mean anything, just shout. xx

  3. hugs from the US :) I'll be thinking of you and your family and hoping things get better.

  4. Hey! Glad to hear you had positive news from the physio. Good to hear that all your resting is doing the trick - see, the crochet isn't all that bad! Lol.

    Big hugs to the girls from me. It's sad that they can be so intuitive about the stress of the adults in their lives, but children can also be very resiliant, and I know you will be giving them all the gentle love and nuturing they need. Stay strong.

  5. I can echo all that Becks said in her comment. Keep blogging...it helps you focus on the good things while you work out the rest xx

  6. I think that for every happy family there is a dark and difficult time somewhere lurking in the past - I know we've been through some. Really painful, but get-throughable. Really hope yours is too - we are thinking and praying for you.

    Sinful's Wife


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