20 January 2010

Crochet, and other healing activities

Two days ago I had never, ever, done any crochet. I assumed that, as useless at knitting as I previously proved, I wouldn't be any better at this. Well, I'm getting *somewhere* with it...Even these sorry little scraps were swiftly snapped up by a certain little girl as blankets for the doll house family.It has even been possible to keep going stitch by stitch while this happens.Though Baby Bean is not my biggest fan right now. She hasn't quite forgiven me for a horrific hospital trip where she cried and cried but wouldn't feed - she wanted to go down but evil mummy wouldn't let her. :( Apart from nursing like crazy every few hours, she is just crying at me and reaching for Daddy. This too shall pass, right? I'm just trying to make nursing as pleasant and peaceful for her as I can, and throwing in the odd sneaky bit of massage when she lets me.

Then some reading, and new books from GP and Emma's trip to the charity shops lol.And more crochet, to practice shaping. I did this without a pattern. You can probably tell, as it's far too short even though the intended recipient is a stocky dirty rag doll.Finally, this all leads to me actually doing something constructive, and inventing this pixie hat in shades of blue and two different stitches. I am pretty pleased with myself, actually - in spite of all my mistakes, it fits!In other news, this little pixie here has just gone off to swimming. "Me go in the baby pool where I touch da floor," she says seriously, "and not loose mine armbands, nooo, not a good idea!"


  1. Gosh, well done !! I'm super impressed with your hat!

    Charlotte xx

  2. You go! Inventing patterns and everything! Lol, the little pink hat can easily be made bigger by picking up and doing a couple of rows at the bottom, the "grains" will be opposing, but the effect prob quite good, especially if done in contrast. So proud of your exceedingly rapid progress. Long may it continue.xxx

  3. Looking good :-) Ain't crochet grand :-)

  4. Hey, well done with your crochet. It's a great feeling when you "crack" something (pardon the pun).
    Knitting next?
    I've enjoyed learning crochet in the last 12 months, but prefer knitting.


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