12 January 2010

Snow walk and other stuff

Rowan knocking towers over and chewing on the bricks.Ice mobile made by Jenna and hung in the garden. She wanted to know if the birds would eat the berries inside it, and we decided on the whole they probably would prefer some more putting out unfrozen just for them.Playing this morning.
At Allestree Park today, inspecting the cold chickens and bunny rabbits. The ducks' pond had frozen over completely.Lovely walk and play in the snow. (Morgan cried all the way home again with cold hands and feet, in spite of three layers on each!)Baby, exhausted by it all!


  1. Lovely pictures! The snow has gone from our corner yet it's still reasonably cold. Well done for getting out though in the cold!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day getting out and about in the snow. Looks like cold fun was had. :) Tell Jenna I love her ice mobile, it looks amazing and very clever, I've been trying to decide how it was made! Did you freeze the sting into the hearts?

  3. We used an ice cube tray, draped string into each hole (making sure to have a longer loop for hanging), added berries, and poured in water. It looks fab today too, all lace-y around the edges!


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