9 January 2010

More random assortments

More cleaning and tidying. The dresser in my room hasn't seen light for over two years under the piles of paperwork, patterns, craft stuff, and small cardboard jewelery boxes. Now it's clear and neat and useful again. The living room is done, and it may be the first time ever that all of those little tiny areas have been done at the same time! I've moved the toys around so that the baby has her things within reach, and the small things she ought not have just yet are out of her way. Need more baskets though - as usual.Baby enjoying the stacking bowls we got when Morgan was one year old. She put the monkey on top herself. :)A pile of shells and stones which the older girls use as money in their till. I have to move piles of these *all* the time to prevent the baby eating them. Last night when I took the baby out to try to find a neighbour with contact details for the lady next door (whose alarm was going off) I found a pebble in her mouth again!More dinosaur biscuits, and butterflies this time as well. We may be eating too many of these, I'll confess...Recycling waiting by the door to be, um, skated down to the recycling banks. It is SO slidey! But Jenna loves it, and is really proud of the worrying distance she can slide on the pavements and drives. We have had two or three small dustings of snow every day since Tuesday, so hibernation seems like a real option to be honest. The children are pretty happy, but I'm longing to get into town, out for a proper walk, anything really.Little wrapped up Rowan, ready for an outing last night. She is wearing pants, tights, vest, socks, sleepsuit, knitted socks, knitted trousers, cardigan, and hat. I put gloves on after taking the picture (she hates gloves but tolerates them when we are outside in the frosty air.We are all feeling a magical calm right now. Life is interesting, but not manic. I could get used to this.


  1. I always feel a wonderfulsense of calm when my living spaces are tidy, too bad it doesn't happen very often! Enjoy the calm and tidyness, lovely pics of Rowan :-D

  2. Rowan looks so cosy xxa clean out is refreshing for the soul x

  3. Have just been tidying too these past days, that and knitting!! Pip's pixie boots too big(sigh) and the current booties too small, oops!! Could you make use of them, they are a 12 month size? They measure four inches from heel to toe. My email is sandra@dhaynes.freeserve.co.uk if you would like to leave your address if they are any good!

  4. Ahhh my living space is a little chaotic at the mo.. sort it out tomorrow after (fingers crossed) a good nights sleep!

    Those dinosaur buscuits look fab!
    And ohhh how cosy does Rowan look in all her garb :-)


  5. Awww, that is one seriously bundled up Baby! Hehehe! She looks very cute and colourful. Glad to see the socks fit, was a little worried! And the trousers still fit, yay! It's times like this when I begin to realise I've knitted a lot recently. Not that that's a problem. Nay! Instead, all I can think is, wow, lovely cardi... I wanna make one! (nevermind WANT one, just MAKE one!) Hehehe! xxx


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