18 January 2010

More moaning, probably

So, yesterday was really going to plan, and we'd had a great morning. Connor discovered his voice in Church (lol) and Rowan had experienced her first children's service (don't ask). All was well with the world. After lunch with Em and Chris, Rowan pulled my cup of tea down on herself. It wasn't hot, and the tea landed mostly on Emma's books (sorry!) but Rowan needed new clothes. Off we went to find some in Connor's things, and soon came up with things that fit my great big active baby. Then one of the cats made a break for it and Em had to chase it down stairs, so I carried Connor. And slipped three steps from the bottom.

There was a crunch, and I screamed in Connor's ear (sorry again!) - I think after checking that he was OK my first words were "we need to go to A&E now". Ouch. Well I think you've seen the rest. ;) Everyone at the hospital was wonderful anyway, which makes a second amazing experience with the NHS in two days. We had to hang around quite a bit, but the staff were all really communicative and helpful and kind - very kind to the children who were soon bored and up to mischief! Mum came and got them just before my ankle was re-set. The nurse kept trying to give me enotox, but it didn't take more than a few puffs to remember why I don't use that stuff in childbirth.

It makes me feel dizzy, sick, and panicky. I would rather deal with pain than feel like my body doesn't belong to me, and not be able to speak or answer questions - or tell if questions are directed at me, because it sounds like everyone is talking Russian.

Anyhow. Everyone kept (and keeps) asking how my pain is, and not really believing me when I say it's fine and I don't need anything. I'm not being a martyr, it really isn't that bad. It isn't as bad, say, as migranes. It certainly has nothing on afterpains! Pain is not my biggest concern, I can honestly say. Not being able to go out in the rain - or out at all until I can figure out the co-ordination needed for crutches - no swimming, no standing at the kitchen counter, no carrying my baby, basically my entire normal life... I don't know how it will be - hard feels like an understatement. I've been determined not to be self-pitying, but I am seriously worried about this next bit!

Here's to healing. Swift, and thorough (I can't tell you how much I want to avoid surgery). And patience for the time being.

I have to learn to crochet.


  1. Oh Sarah, we are all thinking of you..

    Love Gina x

  2. Very pleased to hear it's not too painful - sending you lots of positive healing thoughts, and the patience to find a way through normal life in plaster, much love September x

  3. Not the same, but having been on crutches for 20 weeks whilst carrying DD I can empathise a little. Life changes, slows, children entertain themselves, you call in all those favours that people owe you from times gone past, you discover "shopmobility" scooters (great fun :) ), but most importantly you keep in your head that this is not forever, an end is in sight, and for that you feel blessed.

    You also end up with a very long list of things the children want to do, because you keep having to say "we will do that when Mummy gets better!"

  4. Oh Sarah just wanted to send you so many enormous hugs and send lots n lots of healing vibes your way :)

    Blessings, sue xxx

  5. I'm really sorry to hear this Sarah - hope it heals up fast for you x

  6. Hope you get some rest, use the time to make plans for when your cast is off.
    Good luck with the crochet too - need any yarn?

    Hope everything heals well for you, look after yourselves.

  7. Golly Sara you are all really having a time of it at the mo! My turn to up the prayers for speedy healing and plenty of help with the little ones etc whilst you are of your feet( no pun intended!!)
    Big hugs and prayers
    San x

  8. Ouch! You're a brave soldier, you are. I'd be hobbling off into a corner to cry if it were me. Hope you get well fast xo


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