29 January 2010

Soft Play

The result, for me, a peaceful day (in noisy happy bright surroundings for the littles to enjoy) making a collecting bowl for the season table. With frill just because.Today Em is here (again - she cleaned my house yesterday while I was at soft play), and brought yummy vegan food (again - could there be a better gift right now than a shared meal and company?), and we have just had a late lunch of randomness. The baby, once more, very enthusiastic.And these arrived, a couple of my books.Meanwhile, I am working on this, my first crochet freeform. It is coming along nicely. And keeping my hands and head just busy enough.


  1. Truely wonderful friends, lunch and freeforming. Wish I could be there to join in. Love ya:)

  2. Me too :-) Can't imagine a more perfect way to spend time with friends.


  3. Your freeform reminds me of an exhibit we saw in Chicago a couple years ago--it was this crocheted coral reef. Amazing!

    Here's a link to some pictures of it:

  4. Wow beautiful! I've been browsing galleries all day, there are some amazing freeform artists out there - can't wait to be just that bit more competent at it so I can make really crazy things. I can't even make a passable flower at the moment lol.

  5. That post sounds like you had a lovely time.
    I've tried to post quite a few comments on other entries recently, but they don't seem to work - I think my phone doesn't like this layout for the comments page. I'll just have to stop being lazy and actually use the big computer more, especially as I need to update my blog, now that Cat is better and I have chance.


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