14 January 2010

Another Indoor Day

Today has been a more successful day, after so much stress yesterday evening that I picked up the baby and went out for an hour long walk in the snow and wind and rain. It started with one of Jenna's world class hissy fits, and got worse from there really. I don't know - my head tells me that there must be a way to fix it but my heart tells me that she doesn't need "fixing", just for us all to hang on in there as she figures out this stage.

We have kept things peaceful today, hung out at home, kept the games and DVDs away out of sight, and counted very slowly to ten doing deep breathing exercises when things got tense. It isn't usually between siblings, but once one has had a run-in with the parents, they follow up with some getting at each other. So we have got by...I got Martin to take that one this morning, when I was trying to sign on with the baby sitting on the keyboard nursing. Then of course there has been play, lots of play. Some more sorting (and reading) of word flash cards (which Jenna chose when out with Grandma, and loves ridiculously in spite of my best efforts at hiding the things). Baking of banana cookies - which I'd give you the recipe of if I ever measured anything. And of roast vegetables, which I have to share a picture of for the sheer glory of the colours of that squash and beetroot.

So that's today over with. I wish I didn't see it like that, but for now we take what we can get. Jenna has gone out to a sports session at the gym with mum, and when she gets back we will be eating those sunset colours and heading off for bed. Perhaps tomorrow will bring a little more light with it?


  1. I love these cozy indoor days, but it's funny how there is so much yelling and fits sometimes! I like that you don't really want to "fix" Jenna but let her get through this phase. I have to keep telling myself that with Ingrid's temper tantrums. I tried to teach her the word frustrated today--I think it went a little over her head :) Hang in there, enjoy your veggies--they look yummy.

  2. Oh my dear, I'm sorry to hear that you've have a stressful couple of days. I'm sure a lot of it will be to do with being so couped up by this bad weather. Hopefully when you get out and about a but more, and get a chance to burn off little people energy by more outdoor time and activities, things will improve. And getting away soon will probably give a wonderful change of scenery and a relief from everyday boredom.

    Love you and big hugs. Enjoy all the beautiful roast veg. :)

  3. How I know that feeling. We had a great morning but then this afternoon it all went pear shaped, and now I just want today to be over too! Tomorrow is always another day :-)

  4. hanging on by a thread with you!!! Benedict's diabetes is off the wall! The medics are at a lost as what to do and I'm quietly going crazeee! when things are rubbish it really is difficult to see the good, isn't it? Please say a prayer for me that we have a better day tomorrow and I will likewise for you. Remember you are doing a great work raising those precious babes. Hugs San xx

  5. I can sympathise too...my 3 soon to be 4 year old just wants to be one of the big boys and not just one o fthe herd...he wants to be the leader!!! Which is fine if only th ebigger boy didn't have a big problem with being told what to do!!! ugh.
    I just wanted to say I love the foodie pic at the end...looks yummy, like some form of pick and mix!!!!


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