8 January 2010


Overheard yesterday, while the girls were playing in their new home corner.

Jenna: I'm making you soup and egg!

Morgan: No! Me not WANT soup and EGG...

Jenna: Oh, well that's what I'm making you now.

Me: If this is a restaurant, perhaps you should ask Morgan what she actually *wants* to eat?

Jenna: OK. Morgan, what would you like me to make for you? We only serve soup and egg in this restaurant."


  1. Haha! That is classic, and very clever really! You should have commented further that such a restaurant is unlikely to stay open for very long! I saw the fried eggs at Playfull the other day, and would say that I thought of you, if I wasn't already there for you! xxx

  2. Hehehehe, she's quick off the mark your eldest.

    Bless her.

    Wonderful photos :-)

  3. She didn't skip a beat either. Too smart!

  4. Very amusing! I was reading it and expecting Morgan to have demanded bananas lol!


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