20 January 2010


I've given the new cast a test, and disobeyed orders by putting weight on it *before* seeing the physio (OK OK I know, but I'll explain myself in a moment). Whereas yesterday using the crutches hurt as much as using the ankle, now it has evened up and both hurt equally. I had no idea how hard crutches are to use, my arms kill, and my other leg is getting a *lot* of work compensating for not being able to get up/down from chairs using both sides equally lol.

The things we take for granted. I now REALLY appreciate my health. And my ankles - I have a newfound respect for ankles. They are clever things, and very useful, and I am really glad mine don't have to be anything more than temporarily supplemented by these grey metal things.The children seem to be taking things in their stride I guess. It is very funny, and lovely, watching Daddy being Mummy. I am making a concerted effort not to "help" (um, interfere) and to let him do things his way. He is such a fantastic parent, and he is taking good care of me. I even got discounted flowers from the shops when he went to get food (yes, he is managing children, and shopping, and food, and all those things I take over automatically without anyone ever thinking about it).

Oh this baby, and these lovely little ones. They might not be very careful of my foot, but they are happy funny little souls and it's a joy to have them near me.I feel so blessed too, as friends have made sure my stay on the sofa is as comfortable as possible and relieved by some crafting. The post brought wool, a crochet book (and hook), a knitting booklet, knitting needles, more wool, a half bottle of comfrey and a beeswax candle. Love and wellwishes, prayers and support. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, all of you.I have spent most of the day getting to grips with basic crochet, while Martin took the girls out to the park. Then Chris came and fixed up wireless so I can use the computer from the sofa - though it is slow and clumsy. So I am feeling, mostly, very grateful for friends. :)


  1. hehehe! I'm glad it's not just me being some sort of crafting-junky trying to corrupt you too! Hehe! It looks like you're picking up the crochet really quickly. Well done, I'm impressed to see how rapidly it's coming along. Just think of all you'll accomplish by the time you're back fully on your feet. Yeah, Martin might be an exhausted heap in the corner and the girls completely wild and ignored, but you'll have wonderful creations! Lol! Love to you all. Ash.xxx

  2. so glad you have support! and as for crutches I know all about them!! They were a regular part of my attire for over ten years!! Try, try and try to rest your bad leg as much as poss
    Hugs San xx

  3. Hope you aare feeling better soon. I remember when my Mum broke a bone in her foot 20+ years ago, she hated the crutches.

    Where did you get the lovely wooden kitchen playsets from. The cooker and sink are beautiful.

  4. The kitchen is Moulin Roty, from Funky Moose Toys. It was expensive! But I agree, it is a beautiful kitchen, and well worth blowing all the present money on in one fell swoop. :)


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