3 January 2010

On not knowing anything about anything

Sometimes, as a parent, it helps if you can embrace being totally stumped and just go with it. Sometimes it really helps if you can turn OFF trying to fix everything and figure everything out, and just cope with whatever this stage is throwing at you until it passes. Sometimes I really really want to be that naturally flexible and calm person.

But instead...

Either Rowan is about to start walking, or she has an infection of some kind, or she's got another tummy bug, or she is objecting to something I can't figure out, or... Aw I don't know! I want to know. But there's really nothing I can do about it. If anyone can categorically say, I know why your nearly-nine-month-old is suddenly trying to pull you to pieces while feeding and has gone on a total potty pause (ie will only pee when naked and not being touched by anyone), answers on a postcard would be appreciated.

In the meantime, I resorted last night to handing her over to Daddy so she could get a quiet massage by candlelight and a couple of spoons of fennel tea and a lot of cuddles, while I cleaned hell out of my kitchen. If you want to know how frustrated and helpless I felt, I cleaned the inside of my oven door. And scrubbed the cabinet fronts. And emptied all the drawers to clean inside. And shined my sink. And organised the food storage containers. And made a full inventory of my food cupboards. And washed the back door!

The baby is still unhappy today. No, correction, the baby is acting totally normally today unless I try to feed her or take her to pee. *I* am still unhappy today.

But my kitchen is sparkling!


  1. Oh yes, we are knowing these feelings too. But Heathers person of choice is her older sister. I am merely the person to scratch and pinch with maybe an odd "proper" feed thrown in now and again. I'm thinking crawling is coming up but who knows. Fortunately we're not having the EC issues as Heather is perfectly happy to go the toilet whenever anyone wants to take her, strange girl.
    I hope Rowan is gearing up for her next developmental stage rather than being poorly. But mostly i hope you can come to terms with this new phase and relax into it.
    Best wishes.

  2. Ear ache? Would make sucking hurt, and if she is feeling generally rough it might make her weirdy with weeing too?

    Doesn't sound fun though :(

  3. Oh I know that feeling, and we know that the best thing is just to go with it, but it still doesn't stop us from analysing does it? I hope Rowan (and mommy) feels better soon xx

  4. I confess I have absolutely no ideas.


    Hope whatever it is passes soon and you're both much happier!

  5. Just wanted to send a big hug and hope that you (and Rowan) are feeling ok soon xxx

  6. Let's let things go and roll with it, shall we? Ingrid has not napped or slept at night for three days now. I'm at my wit's end...

    Hope all is well with Rowan and it's a strange phase that will soon pass!!

  7. You must be beyond frustrated to Have cleaned that much, and I'm sure Cat will wish that would happen to me! Hugs to you all, and I hope Rowan settles a bit and that you don't get any more wound up. Maybe she knows she is ready to walk, and getting frustrated when it doesn't happen as easily as she would like. xx

  8. Oh that's not good to hear hun, I hope she settles soon and you're back to being a happy mummy (with or without a clean kitchen! lol) xxx


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