4 February 2009

The Two Thing

I won't use the phrase "terrible twos" to do anything other than deny its existance ;) but sometimes two IS very tricky. :( I refuse to believe any age is in itself horrible or simply a trial to go through. Every age and stage has its own sticky patches, and every personality has its own tricky spots to negotiate. I clash with Morgan differently at different events and different milestones than I did with Jenna...


ARRRGHHHH when will she be able to tell me what's wrong with WORDS?!

At least once a day Morgan hits some kind of obstacle, and begins to screech. Not only is Morgan VERY VERY loud, but she also has perfected the nails-on-blackboard noise that some toddlers are so good at. Now, I'm trying to see the positives to this trait of hers, and I'm *glad* she isn't a pushover and has learnt to cope with her current inability to express herself clearly by any other means...


Yesterday she screamed and hollered so loud for so long, with me trying more and more frantically to understand, until I had to rush off to be sick from the stress and noise, and she followed me howling. The more it gets to me, the more distant and/or panicked I get, and the more frantic it makes her. I just can't wait for her to be able to talk more. :(

All I can say is, for the first time in five years, I understand why parents of toddlers screaming in shops would buy them sweets just to stop the noise. My previous self would probably have not used the phrase "rewarding bad behaviour", but I might have thought it secretly. Now I just assume they have a toddler who can make a noise like Morgan can, that every fibre of my being wants to shut up at any cost.

Bad Mummy moments abound right now. This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass... :S


  1. I'm so with you on the age thing, DS1 was lovely through this last year and a bit, it's only in the last couple of weeks we've had some 'interesting' behaviour. I don't want to label it 'bad' as it isn't, he's just testing the boundaries more. Good luck on finding a way to either ignore the noise or helping Morgan to stop making it in the first place. Can I suggest ear plugs??? to at least deaden it slightly?

  2. Oh you have my sympathies, Tristan has that kind of shriek where I just want to plug my ears until it stops! I too cannot wait until he can use WORDS to tell me what he wants, instead of "uh, uh, uhhhh"!

  3. I had to laugh when I read your frustration that Morgan can't express her need in words... I'm at exactly the same stage with Rye.. and oh, yes he can do a wonderfully highpitched squeal that goes through me - which with my hearing problem causes the sound to reverbate painfully in my ears.

    I confess I give him "juice" to shut him up, which is very bad when one is trying to reduce his intake of juice. Bad mummy.

    I'll join the chorus of "this too will pass"....

  4. Many hugs from a fellow sufferer of "child who uses noise as a weapon" syndrome. Only it is not my wonderfully sweet and deep voiced non howling 2 year old, its my 3.5 year old, should know better and has an astounding vocabulary, child!!
    But I too know it will pass, although experience tells me that may not be until the age of approximately 16 in some cases.......

  5. My mum laughed and told me that one of my brothers could do this too... It's nice to know it isn't just me (or just me who thinks about getting earplugs). :S


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