9 February 2009

Oaty Baths for baby!

An afternoon make, before we started getting tired and grumpy with each other (yeah, I really don't want to talk about that right now - the children only just went to sleep and I'm just about losing the headache). Presents for the new baby; oaty baths. :)
Squares of thin fabric (in this case very fine printed polycotton offcut, usually I'd go for cotton muslin but this was so much cheaper) - I finally have pinking shears so I used those; I'm hoping that this will mean I can more easily wash and reuse the same square to make more another time without lots of fraying tangling threads.

A large handful of organic oats (in this case two teeny handfulls, with the girls sharing the jar of oats very nicely for saying they spent the rest of the afternoon trying to kill each other).
A drop or two of essential oils if desired (in this case not), and a ribbon. Co-ordinating, see? Pretty! Jenna helped to tie the bows, which I totally underestimated her in thinking she would not be at all able to do yet.

These get popped in the bath when I'm running it, and are really lovely and soothing for sensitive skin. The lovely oaty milky ooze that comes out of the bag makes them irresistable for toddlers to squeeze, and is great for massaging them with while still in the water.

I hope this wiggly baby appreicates them. :)


  1. Good for little gifts lol. And it kept the girls out of mischeif... briefly. ;)


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