8 February 2009

Crafty weekend stuff

Sunshine, all finished and painted (I squirted the yellow and orange direct onto the papier mache and let the children spread it out, then when we'd done two layers like that Jenna helped add the gold):

The flower pots that Jenna decorated last week, planted up with herbs on my kitchen window sill:

Lots of bright painted hearts all over our wall, the first of a couple of Valentine's crafts we have planned:


  1. Whats happened to your pics?!!! They seem all too large to see properly.
    And I wouldn't count on the snow going, its snowing again here!!!

  2. Ack photobucket doesn't auto-size in blogger any more and I forgot to adjust those ones myself! Oops. All done now lol. :)

    No snow at all around here today, but it is veery cold again. Yesterday was so sunny and warm.

  3. Thats better! Thank you! Sun looks fab.


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