18 February 2009

33 weeks and...

...had a show, currently having pains... :S The baby is very sleepy too, normally it's so active! The midwife wants me to go in to be checked over asap, which adds an extra layer of stress in that a) she thinks it might be labour and b) I have to find some way to GET there and someone to take the children etc etc.

I'm not ready to deal with this; re-packed my emergancy bag about three times already today and feeling STRESSED. If nervous energy can halt a labour, it had better do it for me, I'm all over the place. That's the worst thing, even when the contractions have come when they ought not, even when I've known I'm miscarrying, I've been so OK with it all I've surprised myself. But today I am tearful and anxious and feel like something is really wrong.

Please let it just be this horrible cold and being overtired...


  1. Fingers crossed for you. Very crossed.


  2. Thinking of you, big hugs.
    Keep us posted xxx

  3. Sending you so much love right now.
    Uma x

  4. Will be thinking of you, good luck. Sending positive thoughts your way!


  5. I'm assuming you're being checked out (or have been) by now honey and I hope it has turned out to be a false alarm.

    Suspecting labour at 33 weeks is enough to frazzle anyone; its near to 37 weeks..but not quite near enough and so its no wonder you feel anxious and tearful.

    Take care honey, I think it will be ok :)


  6. Thinking of you. Deep breaths.
    Let us know how you get on.

    Laura/Mamoo x

  7. thinking of you hun and sending huge hugs your way and feeling bloody useless stuck up here and unable to come help. hopefully baby is just being a little tinker and not actually planning on coming now. lots of love & hugs & stay in there vibes coming your way babe
    kim xx

  8. ((((HUGS))))), our thoughts and prayers are with you that it's just a false alarm.

  9. Thinking of you!! I hope all is well with you both, and that we will hear from you again very soon xx

  10. Hi hun i hope everythings going ok, sending you lots of luck. x

    amy / yummymummy1988 from teen mums

  11. Sarah, sending you some ((((((((positive vibes)))))))) Perhaps baby is just eager to meet mummy, daddy and his/her 2 lovely sisters.

    My friend had her baby at 33 weeks and he was a healthy 5lb 5oz and is now a very healthy 5 month old who you would never know was born early.

    Hope your ok

    Kit xxx


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