4 February 2009

The sewing machine has been plugged in for the first time...

... and I got a bit carried away!

BBO-style mei tai made with fabric bought especially for the purpose (about six months ago lol). So that's Martin's requirement that I don't buy any more slings til I've made up the one I've had in the works forever... ;)

Silk ring sling, using up yet more of the contested fabric stash, and so I suppose making room for more. I will not dare mention this when I proudly present my hard work to hubby later.

Patchwork blanket, more scraps used up, and another planned baby make done to my satisfaction (I loove the clashing fabrics and all those reds and blues and browns! These were some of my favorite little scraps!).
Also, two shopping bags, a gorgeous velvet placenta bag for our planned lotus birth (still to be decorated further), and a small teeny silk bag matching the ring sling - unfortunately disasterously ripped just as I was doing the last seam and I just can't decide how to ressurect it!

Meanwhile, the children have been singing ALL day, and making um just a little bit of a mess. I might just manage to tidy up a bit before Martin gets home, but if not, at least today there is definately something to show for everything I left undone!


  1. That patchwork blanket is gorgeous! xx

  2. Sarah, answer me honestly; did you tie up the children while you were getting all this done? Drug them? Bribe them with TV? Palm them off on a passing stranger? I cant get so much as a one piece ring sling (just fold through the rings an sew) sewn up without T unplugging the machine, screeching like a maniac or trying to push the pedal for me! Maybe I need to have another baby so they could entertain each other?

    All completely gorgeous stuff by the way. I wish I had that sort of talent. Great excuse to practise though, most probably by making slings ;)

  3. I love the mei tai, can't believe you've accomplished so much sewing in just one day - with little helpers around too! I wish I could sew that well and quickly, I know it's going to take me at least two evenings to do the one mei tai I'm planning and probably a whole week of evenings for the onbag.

  4. Ohhhh I do like that mei tai, that is very nice indeed, and loving the patch work blanket too :) Excellent.

    You know 2 years or so ago, if someone had said to me I'd be hankering after a sewing machine I'd have laughed my bum off......and yet here I am. LOL Not that I have the faintest when it comes to sewing.. but hey learning is part of the fun.


  5. Ooh gorgeous things!

    *covet, covet*

    Am also having 'sling debates' with DH. A mama can never have too many slings i say... but he disagrees. *sigh*

    Lovely blanket too. Gorgeous fabrics.

    Laura/Mamoo x

  6. Lol I didn't have to tie them up, but my house still hasn't recovered two days later! They trashed the living room, but so far Morgan is really good at leaving the machine ALONE when I'm working (nothing like Jenna was at this age) and Jenna does help keep her occupied...

    Joxy - you know what the first ever thing I made on a sewing machine as an adult was? My best friend's wedding dress. Honest. Medieval green velvet with huge sleaves and embroidery and everything LOL.

  7. look what you have done.
    I HAVE to have a patchwork blanket.
    i made one when I was about 12 so Im sure I can attempt it now, hey gotta be more constructive than spending my evenings on FB :o)
    might cheat and get my gran to back it though lol
    kim xx

  8. I refuse to apologise. :P Everyone should have a go at simple patchwork squares, very quick satisfying work. :)

    I made Jenna's blanket when she was five months old. Morgan's wasn't done until she was nearly one, and she had it for her first birthday. This baby has one ready before it's even born!


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