21 February 2009

Instant satisfaction crafts

Aka things that can be done from the sofa in between being sick (yes, still), coughing until I feel even more sick (again), and having contractions...

An embroidered bunny pillow.
Babylegs - made by cutting the feet off a pair of adult knee-socks.
Tiny green silk baby fairy wings on an orange-red tie-dye vest.
And a felt badge for Morgan.
Yes I know, I know... This is me "resting".

What you don't see from those pictures? My house is about four times messier than those photos the other day. My children have been eating quite a lot of crisps. Cbeebies or children's DVDs have been on for probably more than four hours a day the last two or three days. And we had fish and chips for lunch one day! *blushes*

The contractions are still not too bad, and go off if I lie down. And I'm not actually in pain now. Strangely, since the antibiotics I am also sleeping properly again and feeling far more normal than I have in the past few weeks. So I guess I really should have known something was actually wrong. :S

Anyway, sewing and reading and trying to relax and keep my feet up as much as possible. :)


  1. Love the crafts, so glad you're feeling so much better and managing to rest as well. To me, crafting is resting, if I sat doing nothing I'd use up far more energy.

  2. Ooooh, those baby legs! I think I've got some of those socks, which hve just got holes in. How did you secure the cut end? Great idea, as DD needs some more baby legs!

  3. I find doing my craft bits very relaxing so I should imagine its fine.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better.. although somewhat suprised the docs haven't ordered you to bed rest as you're still having contractions.

    LOL you wouldn't believe how careful I'm being with your pomegranet because its starting to look very ripe and the wax is starting flake and you've still got a month to go, so Rye is banned from the kitchen for now because he keeps opening the fridge and poking at it.


  4. I don't do anything with the cut ends, because they tend not to fray anyway (we've got some that we made that have been washed several times and are still fine).

    But you could cut a strip about two inches off the top and use it to make a cuff, fold it over the end neatly and stitch (zigzag, so it will stretch still).

    I use these for whe "proper" babylegs feel too tight and my toddlers get old enough to get lines on their legs from them!

    Joxy - I was a healthy little 5lb baby at not long after 32 weeks... Maybe this one is just nearly cooked! Trying to persuade it to stay put though, I don't want to go in to hospital again!


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