25 February 2009

One ratty mummy, two ratty children

Jenna is fine today by the way, no more throwing up (yay) but sadly she has gone that one step beyond perky that small children do when they've spent an entire day sleeping and have to make up for it. Morgan, being Morgan, is all up for THAT kind of fun.

Wether ratty mummy or ratty children happened first is a matter for debate. I woke up pretty tired and noise intollerant, anyway. And then got jumped on by two VERY lively children who keep demanding that I join in their game/fix their broken project/find them a snack/fetch drinks/pick up something they threw etc. After ten minutes of this, I decided that it was either get some fresh air or find someone willing to adopt them.

We spent an hour on the park (yes, before breakfast) and then I was feeling tired and crampy and STILL ratty (although they were much more subdued and I was even able to smile at Morgan rolling down the hill and getting covered in grass stains). Rather than head home, we went into town to find something to do. Sadly this meant that we ended up eating Macdonald's for breakfast. Which was somehow exactly what I wanted at the time, but made me feel very sick afterwards. Pancakes and something that CANNOT really be sausage and little bottles of milk seemed to make the girls very happy though lol. And not as hyper as I expected...

Then we played in a few charity shops of the sort that don't tick the children off for "testing" the toys. And went to a few of our normal favorite places. Anyway, we came home with fabric dye, organic fairtrade cocoa butter (from our highstreet!), vegan soap flakes, and organic apple juice concentrate. Now we're going to paint something... And make a massage bar. I think. :)

We're still all a bit out of sorts (and I'm still feeling all-over shattered) but I'm not about to start screaming. I hope.


  1. I think there's something in the air today as I've been ratty and had 2 ratty children too. My friend with one has been ratty, as has her son and I saw plenty of it this morning in the supermarket.

  2. Oh I am glad Jenna is feeling better.

    Those are lovely looking pancakes too hon. I normally make american type, so when I had a go yesterday at the crepe kind they were a bit naff... mind the little 'un didn't mind and nicked half off my plate lol.

  3. I'm really glad your scare with the baby turned out ok Sarah :)

    I still enjoying reading your lovely blog but don't always get time to comment!

    Love Gina xx

  4. Aw thanks sweetie, it's good to see you around and OK! :)

    Three more weeks and this baby can come when it feels like it, but it had better stay put for now!

  5. I am with Alison. there is something in the air as DS is the most argumentative, grumpy, unsettled version of himself the last 2 days.

    Oh and American/Scotch pancakes are the bestest--not that I am biased or anything ;)--but using your own butter pretty much tops that!

  6. Lol, just to add to the post where I confess that I was craving Macdonald's breakfast...

    One of our favorite weekend breakfasts is tiny scotch pancakes with raisins in, covered with melted butter and icing sugar! Mmmm... Not very healthy, but oh so good!

  7. now you've made me hungry again!


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