20 February 2009

One poor little bumped head...

...magically restored to happy smiles. :)
I love nursing her so much! In spite of the frustrations and niggles, and lines of tooth-marks when she's not positioned right, mummy milk is magical stuff. :) See the little tear-stained face, adoring eyes, bruised forehead, and little hand resting on my bump? Delicious!

Then of course, there are always cookies to make, vegetables to cut for soup, stories to read, mud to bring into the house, and pictures to draw...

It's hard to be an unhappy toddler for very long when the world is so full of things to explore!

This is typical of Morgan's art at the moment. She loves pencils and biro (basically, what she sees me writing with, rather than coloured pens or crayons), and spends a lot of time happily poking holes in the paper!

Jenna, concentrating HARD at the "weasel". Mostly, Jenna is drawing her little stylised flowers at the moment, often with sunshines, and sometimes with people, fairies, or animals. But other features are ALWAYS secondary to the flowers. She especially likes to colour in each petal a different colour, and gets very upset if any colour gets outside of the lines or if Morgan comes to "help"!

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  1. Seeing Jenna at the "weasel" as made up my mind, I will pay Ikea £7.50 to deliver the easel to me. I've looked round and all the others I've seen are in £40 mark, so its still cheaper... and weighing it up.. it would probably cost me more in petrol to pick it up myself from Ikea.

    Love the bfing photo. That is what I love about nursing too...and how easy it makes getting the little one to bed...he's sleeping in his own room fine now...lol and I@m still having sleepless nights because I miss him! Contrary mama, that's me!


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