18 February 2009

Home at last (baby still safely inside)

FIVE HOURS in the labour ward today. Longer still if you count waiting for room, trying to find unit, trying to find money for carpark, trying to sort out paperwork, and waiting for medication.

I have an infection, and strong antibiotics in the hopes that said infection will go away and not precipitate birth. Still having contractions, but not so far dialated much - wait, is that TMI for a public post? Nah, probably not...

Of course, after being really still and sleepy all day, the baby went mad as soon as I was on monitoring. So it's OK in there, even if it really didn't like having people listen in on it, and tried every trick it could think of to evade the monitor.

Very very tired. Too tired to be very stressed any more in fact; say what you like about hospitals, the air of hurrying nowhere fast saps my ability to think too much. The midwives were lovely. The doctor was slightly offhand but really very kind and at least explained things when I asked (though looked confused about why I'd be asking questions).

Everyone I met today (who without exception wanted my full obstetric history out of me) raised eyebrows at Morgan's homebirth and expressed some form of admiration. The midwife we saw last of all gave the hugest conspirital grin when I asked about the antibiotics and breastfeeding, clearly delighted. It's quite sweetly funny, to be in a setting where my "normal" apparently makes me some sort of hero of the faith. ;)

Anyway, contractions not strong enough to stop me sleeping. NOTHING could stop me sleeping right now. I've given the baby a good talking to about refusing to budge until I was stuck in a bed in the labour ward, and also informed it that it is GOING to stay in there for the next four weeks after which it can please itself.

Thankyou to everyone who has been thinking of us and looking after us. Especially Naomi, who has posted off her doppler to me and has been worrying alll day (hugs). And Emma, whose house my children trashed this afternoon (and who bought us Pizza for tea). But all of you - knowing you were all here meant more than you can imagine.


  1. I'm so relieved to hear this, and hope you feel better soon. Rest up, and stay put for a while longer Baby Clark.

    Hugs xxxxxxx

  2. :D Glad to hear your ok.

    now you stay put tiny one!


  3. Phewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    I've been thinking of you all day hon. I'm so glad you're home and baby is safely inside. Lets hope the infection responds quickly to the antibiotics and you get through the next four weeks without any more adventures!

    If there is anything I can do don't hesitate to ask hon.


  4. Sooo pleased, feel rather relieved now. Will still keep my fingers crossed that the anti-b's work and baby does as they are told! Go get some rest.

  5. Sarah, so glad to hear everything is alright, hope you managed to get a good sleep.
    Take care and lots of love and hugs to you all xx

  6. thank goodness!!!! I am so pleased all looks to be OK! I hope you get lots of rest today.

  7. Make sure you rest, rest, rest! (as much as your barrel of monkeys will allow). Thinking of you hun. xxx

  8. So pleased you are both ok - hope that baby stays firmly where it is supposed to for a while yet. Looking forward to hearing all about attachment Parenting with THREE! Now we have Grace I can't even begin to imagine how you do it with two, let alone three, but at least if we have another we will have a good source of inspiration!

    Anyway, pleased you are well - Grace hated the foetal monitoring belt too - she kept trying to wriggle away from it. We subjected her to 2 sessions, but when the hospital wanted us to go in every two days we refused - I had no worries about her movements, so didn't want to put her through it anymore.

    Hope you slept well - enjoy the next few weeks - I would say we can't wait to meet the new arrival, but we can wait till it's cooked! :)

    Broken Man's Wife

  9. So pleased baby has stayed put!!

    Hopefully the anti b's will see off the infection :)

    Kit xxx


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