6 February 2009

Not so sweet when you can hear the words...

I love hearing my children chat away to each other. Then I start to really listen, as I get in the car to hitch a lift into town with grandad this morning...

Jenna: Morgan, you're really smelly. Did you do a poo?
Morgan: No poo. NENNA mells.
Jenna: No, MORGAN smells.
Morgan: (giggling wildly) Nenna mells. POO!
Jenna: Morgan smells like a GOAT.
Morgan: (hehehe) Morgan POO. Nose! Morgan mells. (more giggling)

I'm still grinning.


  1. Finally we're back online and can communicate with the greater world! This post has me laughing because poo seems to be the favourite topic in our house - talk, doing, smelling ... need I say more! x

  2. Hah, Ha, that could definitely be a Mia & Tarka conversation..Right at this moment, Tarka is telling Mia that she smells like pea soup!
    Gina xxx

  3. Careful - you'll end up with lots of strange poo related hits to your website, like i get!

    The Broken Man


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