15 February 2009

For Joxy...

This is the sixth photo in the sixth folder in the sixth MAJOR folder on my computer. I have a lot of a lot of folders and they are very organised. ;) It's Martin playing the drums with teeny baby Morgan on his knee (I think she's about six months old here, maybe less). He is very very proud, because she was fighting him for control of the sticks and cried hysterically when prevented from doing any more banging (lunch was clearly not a priority to her AT ALL).

The kit was bought with my health insurance money (I get a payout for each baby) as there was nothing else big we really wanted and I hated the thought that the money would just go to waste. It's in the corner of our bedroom still - the door behind them in the picture is the dreadful hot water heater that either works too well or not at all and makes worrying noises if turned on for more than a couple of hours at a time...

I'm not playing the tagging game though lol. ;) If anyone wants to join in, count yourself tagged!

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  1. What a lovely photo... cor she's really got a good grip on those drumsticks hasn't she. hehehehe.


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