15 February 2009

So much for my green credentials!

There is a reason for me being here at silly-o-clock in the morning. The reason, sadly, is Cola. Blame pregnant cravings. Anyway, yes, I have tracked down the cause of my ridiculous early morning wakings. And it's so obvious I should have spotted it before, but there you go. My children have NOT been caffinated. I have. *sigh*

Every time I have anything with caffeine in, eg the culprit today (cola) or a cup of tea in a cafe or a bar of chocolate or ANYTHING, I can't sleep. And end up getting up long before the children stir. :(

So, aside from buying naughty softdrinks, what have I been up to? Mostly nesting. If nesting can explain why I don't care how much mess my living room is, but decide I HAVE to clean out the cupboards, build the bunk beds that we have been promising Jenna that we WILL put up for months now, defrost the freezer (I mean, defrosting the freezer?). Either these things are yet more nesting, or they are signs of insanity.

There are little bits of rice all over my living room floor. And threads from my sewing addiction. And bits of dried pasta that I gave Morgan to play with and that, mostly, she eats (yes, raw). Yet I decide I need to sort through the contents of the attic?!

Also, this week, after three years without one, we have a car. An actual car. We had agreed a while back that when our surestart grant came, that is what it would be spent on. It has been almost impossible to get to church recently, and very difficult to make any use of our small amount of weekend because by the time we have caught a bus anywhere it's time to come home again. But I was so dreading having a car - every one we have ever owned has been a HUGE financial liability.

What did we manage to get for our precious £500? A new (ie two year old) Getz, with a teeny engine but enough room in the back for three children's seats, and THREE YEARS left on its warranty. I know. Totally, miraculously, wonderfully impossible. My mum decided to sell it, and didn't urgently need the money, and was happy with "whatever you can give me for it"! :O

My little brother isn't talking to me any more.


  1. what a lovely bit of good fortune withthe car!

    Oh and I totally empathise about not sleeping. I am not even pregnant and I can't sleep and spend most of my time cleaning/decorating/crafting

  2. In a strange way it's nice to know I'm not the only one who is sitting up at 5am trying to think of quiet pastimes that won't wake the household.
    On the other hand lets hope sleep soon remembers that it is supposed to happen for us all during the darkened hours.


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